Albuquerque NM, 1989 - The Plan (the band) was sitting around one afternoon, trying to decide how to market ourselves better. I had always thought that the music newspaper in Sacramento was a great vehicle for promotion. I had heard that Eric Larson was trying to get a publication started for New Mexico, but was having difficulty getting it off the ground.

I brought him a copy of the Sacramento rag, and The MicLine was born. Eric, George Gesner, Susanna Kearny and I used both our living room and the computer at Quincy Street Sound for the first assembly, and we got the first issue pasted up at Sherwood Printing. The results of the First Annual New Mexico Music Industry Coalition Awards and the rock group called The Muttz graced the cover of the first issue

It didn't take long before musicians began complaining that the paper was just a scam for personal promotion. Wrong on the first part, right on the second. By setting up promotion for our band, that is, my only real incentive, everybody else was getting a free ride. To make the promotion for me look legitimate, it had to be slick, a viable outlet for others, and all inclusive. Ayn Rand would be proud. Of course, no one on the staff was making any money, just the possibility of exposure for their own talents.

Let them complain. We were proud of the notoriety, and the chance to voice our views. A little more than a year later, my wife and I turned the reigns over to George Gesner. Though we were gratified that the paper had become well established throughout New Mexico, I found little time to make music. That's when I bought an old car to fix up.