Tear Down These Walls

You always wanted to tell me how you feel
But didn't have the courage to make your daydreams real
And I missed the moments, I didn't always see
That I could've been telling you what I wanted us to be

Let's tear down these walls, we can cross this divide
Let's tear down these walls, show the faces we hide
We gotta tear down these walls before we can find it
And I know we cand find it when we tear down these walls

I'd catch you looking before you'd turn away
You couldn't have me knowing the things you'd like to say
And I kept it secret, I kept it to myself
How I'd love to tell you the words rehearsed so well

So when you see me just look into my eyes
Don't hide your feelings or look for some disguise
And I'll keep a promise to tell you how I feel
All I think of is loving you and how I'd love to make it real