Have you noticed there are people building towers to the sky
Though its shaky at the bottom they keep cutting up the pie
And while a generation's pillaged we sit back and wonder why
It doesn't look like the rest of us
Can hold these flimsy towers up so high

Are we going back to Babylon?
Where the powers can't see right from wrong
Where the terms are short instead of long
Are we going back to Babylon?

Now they build us pretty gardens to hang from pretty walls
Hiding how they've taken from the structures before they fall
We think it looks so wonderful but do we really know
If there can be prosperity
Long after we have seen the villains go

We hold them up like icons
As they're milkin' us for the best of the pickin's

I love this land I live in but I wonder what they feel
As they break the back of progress raping treasures that werereal
Tomorrow's working man is filling pockets of a few
But history can tell us
That this lusty greed is really nothing new