The Plan

Sure, it came from inspiration...

Originally, The Plan grew out of a name for a backup band for Fritz Richard; that is,

Fritz Richard and The Plan

and we did a "White Album" (available only on cassette), but it didn't get quite the notoriety gleaned by that other, ever so successful "White Album." It was, however, well received. But the cover was lame. Que Lastimo! We could have been stars but for that...

Actually the music was great, marginally recorded and produced, and the image poorly conceived. But, again, the music was great. Schade that talent is so rarely the measure!

Hey, we tried.

Then "The Plan Associates" evolved out of the first effort because, as up and coming producers, we had to have a checking account from which to write checks. Ah, always in search of legitimacy. That's when the album "Picture This" was born, produced and promoted; it's a story with its own distinct history.

Finally, "the day the music died" (at least for The Plan), the checkbook became the property of the new Plan Associates, a builder group for building fine adobe homes, a passion carried over from the mudslinging days of Kindergarten. Picture half a dozen adults turning six. Would you buy a house from them?

By the way, the music is still very much alive.